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Explore crafted ready-to-run 50+ python notebooks that simplifies concepts across various spatial and python topics

Explore diverse geospatial and tabular datasets that makes the crafted notebooks produce results

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Write code and craft workflows that are easy to update and adapt as projects evolve


Build flexible workflows capable of integrating new data sources and functionalities


Develop workflows that ensure consistent and repeatable results for reliable analysis and decision-making

Vaasudevan Srinivasan, Founder & Educator

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As a seasoned professional specializing in Python, Machine Learning and Earth Observation, he is dedicated to providing impactful solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the client. He is a ESRI certified Desktop Associate, certified Data Analyst and Python Associate.Β 

With an extensive track record spanning over six years, he possesses a profound understanding of harnessing the power of Python to develop scalable and maintainable solutions. Leveraging his expertise in machine learning, he applies cutting-edge technologies to construct predictive models, enabling organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions.